Will Daft Punk receive any sort of recognition for the TRON: Legacy Score?

I’m still working on writing up my thoughts on TRON: Legacy (which I hope to get done this week), but I had to write about this in the meantime.

At the Golden Globes last night, these films were considered for the Best Original Score Category:

With the winner of the award going to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for the Social Network.

Now, I dig Trent Reznor and I think it’s great he got recognition for his work, but why no nomination for Daft Punk and their TRON: Legacy soundtrack? I expected at least a nod of some sort?

A quick and completely unscientific Google Search and scan for “top film score 2010” comes up with about 5 out of 8 lists including the Daft Punk score, and overall impression from my circle of friends and acquaintances (I know, I know, also unscientific) include the TRON: Legacy OST as one of the best scores of recent memory.

Even critics that HATED the movie  give due credit to the French duo.

But nary a simple nod in the awards? I guess it’s just as well.  TRON will remain a cult favorite, with the elite clicking their tongues at anything it may spawn.

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