DC Comics to reboot their entire damn universe… again.

Just caught the news that DC comics plans on renumbering […]

Just caught the news that DC comics plans on renumbering all of it’s titles this summer along with rebooting all the titles. Evidently they feel it’s time to make these guys relevant again or some such nonsense. The first title is Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee- which means it’ll take about 17 years for 6 issues to be released. Now I have no idea if these are replacing the old titles or are instead DC’s second attempt at a ‘Ultimate’ style situation- either way it just drives home why I gave up on comics in the first place- well super-hero titles mainly.

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I mean right now how many storylines are running in the DCU? Hell I know Green Lantern has that whole ‘War of the Green Lanterns’ fiasco and lord knows there must be something else out there. My point is well why even bother fininshing it if next month everything is back to square one? Now I understand you occasionally have to flush the damn toilet but how many times has DC revamped their universe? In the 21th century alone? It’s simply getting ridiculous and goes to show you how bad the creative teams have been if they feel a need to constantly revamp them. Incidentally it’s been pretty much the same crowd over there since about say ’03 so I imagine there will be yet another upheaval shortly after this one.

Either way- DC comics is calling yet another do over in their line of super-hero comics and I officially have no interest.


Call me when there’s a revamp in the fucking staff alright?

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