Yes, the Infinity Gauntlet is in the Thor movie! UPDATE! PICS!

A while back we had posted pics from Comic Con […]

A while back we had posted pics from Comic Con showing the Infinity Gauntlet prop that was supposedly in Thor. I must have missed it, because it wasn’t featured in the story. Did anybody see it? The only thing I can think of is it may have been in the background of the trophy room/ museum.

Chime in if you saw it!



The Infinity Gauntlet was indeed in the Thor movie! When the Destroyer steps out to fry the Frost Giants, you see the Gauntlet down a corridor for about a second (if that). Check out these pics for proof!

UPDATE: Here is a higher-res pic for your enjoyment! Low res pics still under that.

Thor Movie Infinity Gauntlet High Res

It's high res! Sorta.

Low res pics:

Infinity Gauntlet in the Live-action Thor movie

Infinity Gauntlet in the Live-action Thor movie

The Infinity Gems (Assembled in the Gauntlet) are some of the most powerful artifacts in the Universe. Each one allows its owner complete omnipotence over one aspect of the universe: time, space, reality, mind, power, and soul. When all six are directly wielded together, nothing is impossible for their bearer.

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