More Wolverine News: Multiple Endings?

deadpoolyellowboxesSO the latest in the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” buzz is that there will be multiple “after credits” endings. According to the dude in this link, he saw a screening with Gavin Hood (the director) in attendance and they saw an ending involving Deadpool, but he didn’t go into any detail. I think it is an interesting tactic to try and boost the ticket sales after the whole “leaked workprint” hubbub.  But honestly, the people that care (the mega-fans) probably won’t pay to see the film more than once to see an extra 30 seconds.

I know I will not.

Just the fact that there was going to be new footage was enough to get me into the theater. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, that seems to be a lie…and the reason for the multiple endings gimmick.

I just hope the Deadpool ending is awesome. All 30 seconds of it. If I don’t see it in the theater, I guess i’ll just have to see it… *drummroll* …on the internet! *rimshot* (Just kidding, Fox. You know I’m gonna buy 3 versions of the DVD eventually…cuz that’s the way you work. I think I have 5 versions of the Fantastic Four movies.)

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