Who Do We Think We Are?

10 Minutes From Hell is a site devoted to the geeky things in life. We like movies, music, comics, video games, action figures, board games, card games, cryptozoology, Deadpool and Kurt Russell.

We write and talk about this stuff because we love it.

Wugmanmax  (AKA – Wug, Dug, Foug) Hailing from the Twin Cities, Wugmanmax is an avid toy collector, graphic designer, video producer, firefighter, and podcast co-host. You can see more of his stuff at: douglattery.com




Steve Lattery is currently the co-host of the 10 minutes from Hell podcast. He hates bios because it forces you to write in the third person. Does anybody really think that I am dictating this to somebody. Who do I think I am? F.D.R? Anyhoo.

“Steve” is an Actor, Producer and writer. He has appeared in numerous film, television, and commercials. And when he says numerous, he means more than one.

He created the web series Dennis the office cobra. You can see that here.

He was most recently seen in ABC television network series “In an Instant”. I was in “Bad guys at the Good guys.” Season 1: Episode 6…I think. I mean he thinks.

Because he is not writing this.

He also hates Winter.



KyleThoreau is a time-traveling axe murderer from the 1800’s. He stopped in the 2000’s because he ran out of the secret time-travel juice that the cyborg clone of Abe Lincoln gave him. He must now find the clone of Abe to return to his time-travel duties. In the meantime, he has decided to report on geeky news and read comic books.





10mfH is a ghost in the machine. A phantom. An anomaly. A bug. We thought at first that it was one of those “spam” bots spewing random links and sentences about embarrassing medical breakthroughs or offering us riches from the Nigerian royalty. But then we actually starting READING it’s posts and realized it knew what it was talking about! As we gave it a chance and let it post, it began also giving us some amazing photography of cool products. We don’t ask questions anymore, we just say “thank you” and move on…




G.D. Strauff is the pen name of an upright, omnivorous hominid. Inhabiting the central New York region, he has been sighted foraging for comics, movies, monster legends and the occasional action figure which he decorates his cave with. A shy beast, he likes dinosaurs, bats, sharks and other nerdy things…



Mercy Profile Pic
Code Name: Mercy
File Name: Classified
Primary MOS: Movie Reviewer
Secondary Movie Specialty: Popcorn Consumption
Place of Birth: CLASSIFIED
Subject served in Midnight Screening Patrols in Kitchener, Ontario. Left the service to study mystic martial arts with the same Ninja family that produced Matt Crandall. Mercy was living an ascetic existence alone in his basement with his pet projector Timber when he was recruited for the 10MFH Team.