Quick, Spoiler-Free Thoughts on John Wick: Chapter 4

March 18, 2023 Dug (Wugmanmax) 0

I’m fairly new to the John Wick fandom. Oh sure – I was aware of them. I even watched the first one… although it was years after it was released. I wasn’t Anti-Jonathan Wick, I just hadn’t gotten around to watching the others. I finally watched chapters 2 and 3 just about a month or so ago and was thrilled to hear that a 4th chapter was soon arriving in cinemas! I enjoyed the first chapter and I felt two and three greatly expanded the world John inhabits.

Lanard Toys Alien Warrior Xeno 7 inch Jazz hands

Action Figure Review: Lanard Toys Alien Warrior Xenomorph 7 inch Figure

January 18, 2021 Dug (Wugmanmax) 0

Now let me get this all out there right away: these are Walmart exclusive $10 figures. Don’t expect the quality of NECA in the sculpts or paint application. That being said, these are actually really nice for the price. I took pictures of this toy in my living room, as I feel that’s how it is meant to be experienced. On the carpet with other action figures, next to the couch and the dog.

Spoiler free thoughts on the Venom Movie

Venom Spoiler-Free Review

October 5, 2018 Dug (Wugmanmax) 0

Oh man. This movie is weird.
It’s not a good movie… but I found myself liking it.

Venom is a Sony Pictures movie based on the classic Spider-Man villain.  One of the problems here is that Spider-Man is neither part of the origin nor is in this film.

Quick, Non-spoilerly thoughts on Baby Driver

June 22, 2017 Dug (Wugmanmax) 0

Baby Driver is the latest film from Writer/Director Edgar Wright, who you may know from the excellent trilogy of Simon Pegg & Nick Frost buddy films dubbed the “Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy”. Those films were Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. You may also know Mr. Wright from the Videogame-inspired Comic Book adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

If you don’t know him from those films, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP READING THIS AND GO WATCH THEM.