A Hero Today?

He sure is a Super...Guy.

Yesterday my kids wanted to watch a movie. My eldest son went down stairs and brought up a couple that he wanted to “run past me” and see if we could watch. The first was “Superman Returns” from a couple years ago.

I’m not really a huge fan of the film. That is another post for another time, but let’s just say I thought the script was ALL WRONG. Superman needs to fight stuff, not be mopey, not have a super-kid, and not LIFT A ROCK as the climax of the movie.

Anyway, moving right along, I told him my thoughts on the movie. “I don’t think you guys will really like it. It’s actually a really boring movie. How about we watch the two scenes of action and then we will watch something else.”

This was an acceptable proposition to my sons.

So we pop it in the magic-movie box and I “select-a-scene” with my high-tech wizardry. We go to the plane crash/rescue scene. If you don’t remember it, here it is for your viewing pleasure. Go ahead and watch it. I’ll wait till you finish up.

Go ahead, I said! Sheesh.

So as I watched that, I started to tear up. Knowing that I cannot let my children see my cry I immediately used my mighty force of will to resorb my tears back into my tear ducts. If children see their father cry, the whole universe could become unbalanced and possibly implode, so I was just thinking about all of you. Please thank me later.

But I wasn’t crying because I was moved by the film.

I was troubled by the fact that in our jaded society, nobody would ever be celebrated like that. If something like this were to happen, and by that I mean if we had a “hero” to do amazing feats of daring-do that nobody would trust him or her. Maybe I am just seeing this with “modern America” glasses on, but it seems the human nature is to mistrust and question. Maybe we in America have had too many of our “heroes” fail publicly. We want someone to look up to, but we see them fail more often than we see them succeed.

It seems we have come to the realization that there is no one righteous. So where do we go from here? How can we gain our trust back of each other?

I wish I had some clear answers. And that is why I was tearing up. For my children, for my family, for my country. We need something more. We need principled men and women that stand for truth and life and love to start living lives that are an example for others. We need those people to be infectious. We need to spread a virus of morality, an infection of love.

I’m going to stop now before I sound more and more like a hippie.

But I want to encourage everybody to live a life as if you are being watched all the time. To quote lines from Buckaroo Banzai; “History is made in the dark.” and “Character is who you are when you think no one is looking.”

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