Don’t Cuddle The Krampus!!!

I’m sure you know, as my last name demonstrates, that I’m quite German. As such, I’ve been aware of the Krampus legend since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, but seeing as not too many other people did around Christmas time it rarely came up in conversations.


For those not in the know, the Krampus originates from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. According to Germanic legend, the Krampus is a demon that rides with Santa Claus (Santa Klaus?) on his world-wide trip to reward children with gifts and goodies. However, while Santa’s mission to reward good boys and girls, the Krampus’ job is to punish the bad and naughty children. This can include being beaten with sticks, being kidnapped to serve as the Krampus’ dinner or, in some severe versions, to be dragged quite literally to Hell!


No, the Krampus does roll like Santa Claus at all. He just rolls with Santa Claus.

Annually, throughout the Northern European nations, there’s often a celebration of the Krampus, with one of the best being held in Graz, Austria, as shown below.

You have no idea how badly I want to attend that while eating an authentic German soft pretzel…



Imagine my surprise a few years ago when Venture Bros. featured the horrific fiend in one of their Christmas episodes…


…with Family Guy utilizing the Yuletide ghoul in an episode, as well.

Now, there’s even a major motion picture opening soon, from Universal pictures!


It seems every year there’s more and more Krampus (which is an AWESOME thing) and what could be better than cuddling your own Krampus?

Well… actually, you’d better not cuddle the Krampus.

In fact, Don’t Cuddle The Krampus!


Harkening back to toys of the 80’s, (specifically My Pet Monster), Warpo’s latest offering is that of the iconic Krampus in cuddly form!

Warpo, having crafted the awesome “Legends of Cthulhu” toy line, specializes in retro-toys of the kind I grew up with and their latest Krampus continues their incredible attention to details from the period, since they actually seek out artists from that decade who worked in the industry, like Jim Groman, who had a hand in the original My Pet Monster and designed Warpo’s Krampus!

There’s a catch to this though…

The Krampus is currently a Kickstarter, meaning it needs YOUR help to get made!

Go on over to their Krampus Kickstarterand check out the details on how you can contribute and get your own Krampus! If you scroll down you’ll see there’s a TON of add-ons! Of particular interest is that sweet coloring book I’d love to get my mitts on!

This is one monster you’ll want under the Christmas tree!

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