Food Poisoning – A Dinosaur Tale

True story – Roy P. Mackal of the Chicago Institute investigated a pygmy tribe in the African Congo that had found a massive animal dying in the swampy jungles. Like all easily-procured bush-meat, they chopped it up, brought it home, and the entire village feasted upon it.

Within 24 hours, the village was dying.

Everyone who ate it came down with a food poisoning quite similar to Cholera.

When the Red Cross arrived, they asked what had been eaten. The villagers still alive couldn’t say for certain; just that it was a large animal. One of the medics hit upon an idea to bring in some children’s picture and coloring books, to see if it could be identified. Thumbing through one of prehistoric animals, this what they all insisted had been butchered and eaten:


If your take away from this is that there could possibly be a living Brontosaurus in the African Congo, you are an imbecile.

The moral of this story is DO NOT eat dead or dying shit you just happen upon!


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