Haichi: A dog’s story set pics.

A little behind since the flick has been out for quite awhile. But hey I do live literally a mile from the site where the filmed the damn thing, so I can give some insight right? The movie starred Richard Gere and I’m pretty damn certain about nobody out there are aware this movie even existed. No major theatrical release that I’m aware of (believe me people around here couldn’t wait for it) it did just released on DVD. So let’s get it on.

The train station as seen in the movie. I took this pic where I was generally held up after work everyday while they worked on the movie. When it’s in the teens and you ride a bike….let’s just say I wanted to kick Gere in the dick by day two of that crap.

This was the building on the train station’s left- for the movie it was made up with several fake businesses, a coffee shop and a guitar store if I remember right. As you can see there isn’t anything there now- nor were there prior to filming. This building is empty save for a Dominoes Pizza that’s been there for like twenty years. I did used to go to my karate classes in this building back in the early 90’s. It was on the top floor.

a close up on the train station. During shooting breaks the crew and cast would wait on these steps. Just so you know, Gere has some severe fidgeting issues. I thought the bastard was hyper-active or something. On the right is the bus stop.

Same spot as the previous picture, except I turned around- just to give you an idea of what else is around here.

Other side of the train station where they filmed…..something. I’ve never actually seen the movie, but they often had a train brought in for shooting since the station has long since been closed.

just to remind you what kind of hellhole I live in, same pic from the opposite side.

these last two aren’t related to the movie, but I thought you might like to see them. The restaurant is sort of THE chinese place around here and it’s owner is a huge starfucker (also he’s a prick) Anytime a Farrelly movie premieres the cast and directors have dinner here. The food is pretty good I must say.

and the theatre is where the Farelly’s tend to world premiere their movies. Up until recently one of the prop dogs from ‘It’s something about Mary’ was in the window. Once a year they do a Three Stooges night. Which is awesome beyond words.

So a few years back Richard Gere and co. swung by and decided to make a stupid ass movie in this town. Funnily enough this town is now going bankrupt. Go figure. Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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