Hey Five Iron Frenzy Fans… Something is happening…

If you are a fan of Five Iron Frenzy you need to czech this out… Go here! http://leanor.co/FIF_Hunt_Day2/

If you are not a fan of Five Iron Frenzy you need to become a fan of Five Iron Frenzy and then get excited about this!


For the uninitiated… Five Iron Frenzy was a band started during the “ska craze” of the mid 1990’s. They were billed as a “ska band” but were really much more than that. A crazy and eclectic blend of musical styles from Metal to Punk to Ska to Reggae and then back through some good ol’ Rock N Roll set them apart from being just another trendy ska band. The blend of tongue-in-cheek humor mixed with thoughtful and spiritual lyrics cemented them as great and poignant songwriters. FIF’s live shows were legendary and full of passion and life, bringing an unending stream of spazzing out on stage while frequently dressed in ridiculous costumes.


Five Iron called it quits back in 2003 or so… I can’t be bothered to do any fact checking right now. I did find some pictures I took on Five Iron Frenzy’s Minneapolis stop on the farewell tour. It was a great concert and very bittersweet.

So this news, is interesting and they have been slowing building interest over the past few months on their own facebook page. Let the speculation begin!


This also reminds me that I need to do a review of the FIF final DVD entitled: Rise & Fall of Five Iron Frenzy. It’s sitting on my shelf ready to watch.










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