HOT WHEELS, HOT FINDS: The Love Bug (Herbie)

One of the tchotchkes I find myself collecting these days are an assortment of Hot Wheels cars, those little .99 cent pleasures of youth!

These days Mattel is going a little crazy with their designs and licensing deals. As a result some of that has spilled over to the die-cast cars.

HOT WHEELS, HOT FINDS will showcase the nerd-approved Hot Wheels that should be must-haves on your collectibles shelves or in your display cases.

Hitting pegs as we speak is none other than Herbie The Love Bug from Disney’s film of the same title! IMG_0338

A tricked out VW Bug, Herbie here is well worth the .99 cents (+ Tax) (.84 cents at Target this week). I’m pretty sure he’s on the rare side as I only found two in a freshly-stocked rack.

More adorkable vehicles to come!

Get out there and get finding!

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