It didn’t suck. Or in other words my Wolverine movie review.

face it, this was Wades movie....Wolverine was just in it.
face it, this was Wade's movie....Wolverine was just in it.

I’ll level with you, I went into this flick with more than just a little trepidation- you see I was never what you’d call a huge fan of the previous x-men films. I felt the first two were just too damn pretentious (something I feel Superman Returns has going against it as well), and the third? Well that was actually alright overall but had a few too many boneheaded things going on (mainly centered around Halle Berry’s ‘Storm’) so you can understand when I say I was only mildly interested in the movie at best.

Now what did I find when I saw it? Barring my aggravation to the packed theatre (it was a fucking matinee show on a Sunday- I thought it’d be empty…surrounded by godless heathens I am) the opening impressed me with a rather well done retelling of the second issue of Origin #2 (the marvel comic telling his origin from the early part of the decade-go read it) despite what I felt was a tad too much info handed to the audience (in the book Sabertooth really is only hinted at being Logan’s bro) but eh, this is a movie that plays to the cheap seats. It helps to keep that in mind as the film goes on.

What followed was a pretty solid origin story, however I honestly felt the film could’ve easily been split into two films, such was the strength of the stories herein (I still want a Weapon X task force and WW2 wolverine movies.) There were some changes made to Wolverine’s origin, but not quite as many as you’d think. Unlike many of my fandom peers I wasn’t all that bothered by this or the changes that various other characters took here, accept that this is a different universe guys.

Another wide-spread complaint that I really don’t share is the lacking screen time for the multitude of secondary characters, or let’s just say it- Deadpool. While I’ll be the first to say I’d have loved to see more of the Merc with a mouth, and even Gambit (both were excellent with their limited screen time and leads me to hope solo films are in both futures) I’m also aware this is a Wolverine movie and being that, he’s going to receive the top slot- the others got the right amount necessary. All this complaining is due only to their popularity, if they were original characters no one would’ve cared to how little screen time they got.

Or course, it still could’ve used more Deadpool 😉 Oh and for the record I really dug Wade Wilson 2.0, it’s not the comic ‘Pool, but this IS the origin of him so who’s to know what’s next, and really it was a kickass final battle. Bring on the solo movie dammit. One final thing for ole’ Wade. I’ll say this- he needed to talk more! Why wasn’t he talking shit during his part of the attack in the early part? You’d have thought he’d be shit talking all while zinging the bullets back right? Eh, he was damn good overall, and pray you’re one of the lucky ones who get his after credits scene. Great stuff.

The only flaws I saw with the film lay with the post production, and that is mainly poor editing and some really shit CGI. Overall the film occasionally takes on a rough unfinished look. Personally I feel the film would’ve been greatly benefited by maybe a month or two more just for some spit and polish.

As it stands, I found myself genuinely enjoying the movie and do in fact plan on picking up the DVD. I will suggest to you however that you see it at a matinee or lower than standard admission showing as you may feel a little ripped off. This is first and foremost a popcorn flick and will definitely be huge when it hits DVD. So you were warned snobs.

oh, and PS: you see wolverine’s ass. Consider that my second warning.

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