Lazy Sunday Post: My three favorite movies

Normally on Sundays I play a game with my girlfriend’s brother’s- that didn’t happen today. Actually we spent part of the afternoon just jawing about this and that- during the exchange I went on a bit about the film ‘Burn after Reading.’ If you haven’t seen this flick then I worry about you it’s one of the best Coen bros. movies out there, and that’s saying something.



of course this post isn’t about THAT movie.


What follows are the trailers to my three favorite films- none of which are ‘Burn after Reading’ incidentally, although it might one day make it on as number four- but it’s too soon to decide.


#1 Ghostbusters

been a fan of this since I was four years old


#2 Taxi Driver


first came to my attention when I was 15 thanks to my dad (a source of a great deal of my interests in both film and literature actually) Instantly identified with this story- I was a bit of an outcast when I was kid if you hadn’t guessed (still am on some level)


#3 O Brother Where Art Thou?

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