Maybe it’s just me?


Alright due to my having a bastard head cold from the equally if

not more so a bastard storm yesterday I’m going to try to make this

short and sweet.

Fanboys have alot to process today in light of the major

announcement from DC comics. Or rather the news.

Obviously I speak of Barry Allen’s (aka the Flash) return to the DCU

respectively. Yeah I imagine the fanboys don’t know whether or not to

cheer or whine right now. Hell I hear Newsarama was actually down

today to boot!

Now I ask you. Are these companies finally out of ideas? I mean

seriously Barry Allen been dead for over twenty goddamn years .

Now I’m not going to get all whiny that Barry’s taking the spotlight from

Wally or other nonsense. My main problem is simply this : It’s

yet another recycling job. I mean how many times are they going to

trot these tired characters, say what you will of the 90’s but at

least they at least seem to be trying to make something new then (ok

just try to ignore Image right now k?). Nowadays there seems to be

some sort of obsessive need for nostalgia.

Now I won’t say going back is always a bad thing but it’s officially

getting ridiculous. I mean look at all the new generation characters

that popped up over the last decade. Where are they now?


  • Kyle Rayner– book cancelled, Hal Jordan resurrected.Now a second tier character in the auxillery GL book.
  • Steel – brief resurgence of popularity in 52, shortlived seriesafterwards. No idea, but doubt he’s doing much.
  • Connor Hawke – shot in the head (again!), now doing his best LeoJohnson impersonation.
  • Impulse – Lame editorial mandate made him Flash, now dead.
  • Assorted others -in limbo or being killed off.

Maybe it’s because for me the characters of the 90’s were MY

characters and while I do like the silver age ones, my bond isn’t as

strong. Now I do hope that, in the long run, Barry’s return- if

permanant- leads to some decent stories. However I would rather they

try to come up with something new and original first, rather than go

down the same path once again.

eh I’m gonna pass out now. take care all.

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