My promise to you

If I somehow manage to swindle some pack of bastards into funding a movie or television series I promise YOU the people, who likely were apathetic anyways, that I will damn well get an homage to THIS scene. It’s just that cool in that awesome weird way.

and yes it will be the same song dammit. It’s all about the song.

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KyleThoreau is a time-traveling axe murderer from the 1800’s. He stopped in the 2000’s because he ran out of the secret time-travel juice that the cyborg clone of Abe Lincoln gave him. He must now find the clone of Abe to return to his time-travel duties. In the meantime he has decided to report on geeky news and read comic books.


  1. Are you joking? I’m not 100% sure I can put myself behind what you believe. But I will surely be back to see what else you have very soon.

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