Never say Never: Marvelman returns!

I wouldn’t get too excited however as it’s being published by Marvel comics (seems appropriate I guess) plus the initial releases will be hardcover editions. Not of say Alan Moore’s or Neil Gaiman’s runs, those which made this character famous enough for us American’s to like him, but of the original Mick Anglo stories of the 50’s and 60’s.

This sucks by the way. Reason being that if you’re aware of the history of the Marvelman (or Miracleman as he was originally called over here) is that he began life as a RIP OFF. Yeah, that’s right, they ripped off US. Namely Captain Marvel, or Shazam! as he’s known now (both names changed because Marvel’s lawyer’s are pack of bastards FYI) where a young boy shouts a magic word (Shazam!) thus transforming himself into Superman.

But Not really.

Wow one should just steer clear of this entire concept I think (that mean you as well PRIME*)

and now the real news

Marvel is proud to announce the return of Marvelman to shelves everywhere with the release of MARVELMAN CLASSIC PRIMER #1 in June! Who is the mysterious Marvelman? And just why is he one of the most enduring super heroes of all time? The answers arrive in this commemorative one-shot featuring interviews with creator Mick Anglo, superstar Neil Gaiman and more who contributed to this character’s history over the years! Plus, get all-new pinups of key Marvelman characters by superstar artists Mike Perkins, Doug Braithwaite, Miguel Angel Sepulveda, Jae Lee, Khoi Pham and Ben Oliver! This landmark issue features two covers–one with the timeless art of Mick Anglo and another with the now-iconic rendition of Marvelman by Marvel Editor-In-Chief–and superstar artist–Joe Quesada!

Then, in July, thrill to the debut of MARVELMAN FAMILY’S FINEST #1, a new ongoing series reprinting Marvelman’s greatest adventures for the first time in the US! Plus, no comics fan can miss MARVELMAN CLASSIC VOL.1 PREMIERE HC, reprinting Marvelman’s earliest adventures in chronological order!

Now’s your chance to learn just why Marvelman is one of the most important characters in comic book history-it all begins in MARVELMAN CLASSIC PRIMER #1, this June!

Variant by MICK ANGLO
Rated A …$3.99

and if you’re sick of this site check out where I found/stole this news

*Prime was a Malibu character who basically was a 90’s version of Captain Marvel- only with sex, hippies, government conspiracies and child molestation (no I’m not kidding) It was actually much better than it sounds, and the great Norm Breyfoyle and George Perez did art respectively. Hit ebay or the flea markets for back issues as Marvel (man they hate this concept huh?) now own the character- since the mid to late 90’s actually- but refuse to publish or do any damn thing with him due to royalties.

so congrats to the six of you who knew who I was talking about.

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