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Hey everyone! Many apologies are to be given for the recent bout of radio silence on my end. What can I say? I’ve had a touch of the ‘can’tfuckingdecidewhattowrite’ blues. (and I’ve just been “waytoofreakingbusydoingweirdstufflikegrowinggrassinmystupidlawn” -Wug :D) As it is I’m still not complete on any one column idea as of yet, however I don’t want to leave you hanging (that, and we have to post at least one thing a month or the site is deleted). With that I’m simply going to rattle off a few random thoughts and opinions (ok mostly if not all opinions) about comics, toys and movies… know, my sort of shit.

Before anyone says anything. YES I so fucking stole this from the thread.


  • Both DC and Marvel have become fucking boring. I don’t care what so called ‘mega’ event they’re both having, I for one can’t muster up the enthusiasm to hit the comic shop more than once a month anymore.
  • In fact the only major storyline I’m excited about AT ALL isn’t due out til 2009, and that’s the Green Lantern ‘In Blackest Night’ story. But I am gay for the GL’s so that may be a factor to it.
  • Fuck the Silver Age. Face it fanboys- that shit sucked 99% of the time, and the good stuff is marred by shitty over expositional writing. Thank Christ for the Ultimate and All Star Line. Bendis and Morrison have actually managed to take classic ideas and get them to stop sucking.
  • Despite having not seen the flick yet, I’m certain that Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker will be the best yet. Sorry fanboys but for me I find the idea of someone being nuts enough to (possibly) scar his face up AND have to put on makeup for more terrifying than the classic ‘oops I fell into some slime’ version.
  • Good god I hope that movie rules so I don’t look really fucking stupid for the previous entry.
  • Georger Perez isn’t the be all end all of comic artists. Neither is Jim Lee or Alex Ross. Being able to cram tons of detail or making it damn near photo-realistic does not a great artist make. Now I will not deny that these three possess great skill, they also produce rather boring and lifeless artwork. After goggling over how much crap they crammed into a panel I find myself no longer interested.
  • Matt Wagner, Tim Sale on the other hand are fucking Great artists who may not cram in the detail but their art exudes more emotion and mood than anything the previous can. Doug Manke is another who rules, AND he has an eye for detail. He’s like Kevin MaQuire’s evil twin or something. Yeah to me evoking strong mood is more important that detail.
  • Lenil Yu may in fact be the best artist Marvel has right now.
  • Mark Bagely’s DC work isn’t wowing me in the slightest. Also who gives a fuck about the so called ‘trinity?’ Superman and Batman are alright SOMETIMES when paired together and even then they should only be teamed up occasionally. Wonder Woman……she really needs something to improve her in my eyes.
  • To be honest: Spidey’s rogues gallery is fucking LAME. I’ll elaborate on this in a later column.
  • I’m all for weekly comics. However I think they should lower price a bit and sell them at grocery stores. This is another one I’ll address at another time in more detail.
  • Comics based on Licenced properties, for the most part, suck. Be the just blah artwork or outside forces strangling anything that may have been interesting about the story these tend to be uncreative messes.
    However I will concede that Star Wars: “Tag and Bink are dead” is fucking great.
  • The Goddamn Batman is a great book and I wish people would get over how it isn’t just like Dini’s Batman- who was fucking overrated to begin with.
  • Why are secondary characters being slaughtered? Whatever happend to a creator sneaking them into a story and going hogwild with them? I notice this tends to befall many characters that first appeared in the 90’s. You know it only takes a little work to make a lame-O into a cool character.
    Hell look at Captain Cold or Kid Devil.
  • Also, I love Ravager and Kid Devil. I’d actually buy a book just starring them. Which leads me to believe either one or both of them will soon be dead. I tend to pick the soon to be corpses.

Woo I feel semi better now. To think this is only small part of what I was thinking about.

Have fun all.

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