I mean fucking seriously? Today, as I was wiling away the hours at what I like to call my ‘eight hour inconvenience’ (also known as ‘work’) I was bullshiting with a co-worker who shares both my love of comics along with my love of video games. The conversation centered mainly on the Marvel Alliance games and the hopes that later installments will fix up some of the problems the original had (for those of you wondering what exactly was said, meaning no one).After we finished the conversation my mind wandered, as it is prone to do- ask the girlfriend, obviously the subject was comic related games. To save anymore meandering text- I asked myself: ‘Why hasn’t anyone made a GL game yet?’

Seriously, the entire fucking franchise is tailor made for the modern gaming crowd. Let’s look at it: there’s thousands of GL’s in the Green Lantern Corps- so you can easily get away with the ever popular ‘custom character,’ make em human! or some weird alien! You decide! Thinking about it now, GL is really just a superhero/scifi version of other mega popular games such as Fables, Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic, or the juggernaut that is World of Warcraft.

Like I said with the custom look so can you have things like ‘skill trees’ as a GL’s power ring capabilities are really no different from the power assortment found in any Fantasy game, and you can simply say that low powered characters are simply ‘rookies’ in the corps. What really do the GL’s do anyway? Fly? Shields? Attack? All of these can be there and later upgraded and customize as the story progresses. Another cool bonus? When rank up from ‘rookie’ to ‘Corp member’ you could unlock ‘customize uniform ‘ option (thus requiring the play of a story mode). After a smart game developer would devise a ‘galaxy’ for game play- which would include multiple planets, but what would really be towns really, for you characters to explore, allow for random space battles when traveling and you have some fun right there.

Let us not forget the online aspect either. We all know how huge online playing is, and tell me wouldn’t it be fucking cool as shit to be able to play alongside other GL’s in a battle against say Sinestro Corps members? Hell, since we have blackest night the expansion pack options are really opened up. Imagine being able to purchase expansions that allowed you to be one of the ‘other’ lanterns that now populate DCU’s galaxy? With whole new powers and costumes styles- well just picture the online battles there.

I could damn near talk your ear off (so to speak) on the matter, since I came up with a great deal more during the work day. But I think you guys get the idea.

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