You’ll Never Own One: Retro-style Captain America Poster Revealed


























Well isn’t that a big bucket of awesome? Let me tell you- had THIS been what I’ve been seeing in the local cinema’s over the last few months I’d be far more excited for this flick (I’m so-so right now).

Now you’re saying- ‘well here it is! Ain’t it bloody sweet?’

To wit I’d say ‘yes,’ man of few words that I am.

I’d say awesome poster and a stunning moment of adverstising brillance- cause lets face it people love these weirdo retro posters.


…Yes Hollywood- we do dammit.





We’ll never see this in a theatre, hell none of us will even own one. The studio commissioned Marvel cover artist Paolo Rivera for the cool ass poster seen above as… wait for it… keep waiting… almost there… getting tired of this over long gag yet? …well I’m not… and it was commission as a GIFT to cast and crew of the movie. Only ONE HUNDRED WERE MADE, five of which will be up as a contest prize at something called the ‘Hero Complex Film Festival.’ Yeah, in a rare moment of ‘hey let’s not do something insipid’ Hollywood still manages to cock it all up (no I don’t know why I’m busting out English slang today either) I mean is the Captain America production team Mattel? Since they’re the only group I’ve ever seen to screw up like this.


Here we have a cool poster that would’ve drawn attention to it- not like those lame photoshop deals that always make people shrug and go ‘oh movie X is coming out soon’ but an actual piece of ART- something that likely would’ve lived on as a popular poster for college kids and whatnot (hell how many long forgotten movies have cool posters that still hang on peoples walls?) But no- we don’t get this- hell from what I see the entire crew of Cap doesn’t even get one (only 95 for them? I know more people work on a movie- poor caterer) and now only five people get one out here.


So please right click save the pic at the top.

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