Quick, non-spoiler thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Was the Force Awakens Spoiler free

It’s here! It’s finally here! The sequel to Return of the Jedi!

Is it worth it? Well, I don’t know what to think yet. I’m going to write a more comprehensive article next week after I see it again in 3D, but I wanted to get initial reactions down.

Overall? Very technically well done and full of great things. Many, many things made me smile. Hard to go into depth without revealing anything. There was lots of great stuff here.

Acting was fantastic, and the new characters are incredibly engaging. In fact they shine brighter than the original cast, which is a great thing for the franchise.

So what gave me pause? Why aren’t I just raving about the whole thing? Again, not going to spoil things. I didn’t exactly care for the story structure used. I understand why they did it, but it left me a bit cold. There was a moment at the beginning where I thought to myself – “They are doing something I haven’t seen before! This is great!” and then they settled back into the same old thing we have seen before. It felt a little like Jurassic World for me. It is bigger, better, very well done and ultimately the same movie you saw when you were younger.

Is that bad? No, not at all. But I want to see something new. At the very least, this just shows that Disney has it under control. They can DO Star Wars. With the plan they have set up, I am certain I will get my “new” thing in a few years.

This film is a good baseline.

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