Aaah! Imaginext! Such a snazzy little toyline you are! You sneakily brought back Dino Riders, if only in concept and not in name with your exaggerated, highly-stylized figures that seem to crackle with the energy of joy and fun!

Then you went and nabbed the DC Universe to your licenses and introduced tykes to the likes of cutesy, chunky Batman, Green Arrow, Plastic Man and Wonder Woman!

If that wasn’t enough, you’ve now followed Lego into the Blind Bag Mystery Figure game!

The results have been nothing short of AWESOME!!!

Let’s take a look at the arguable highlight of Series 3, In My Humble Opinion – DRACULA!!!


First off – here’s what you get in a typical Blind Bag – 1 action figure, 2 accessories and an ad insert / checklist – pretty standard for these type of products.


Bearing in mind these lil’ dudes are meant for kids 3-8 years old, they’re pretty simple in terms of design and they sport 9 points of articulation – swivel head, both legs move at the hips, both hands swivel at the wrists, both arms move at the shoulder and surprisingly, the shoulder joints sport a hinge allowing the figure to lift and drop his arms at the sides.


As I mentioned before (and as you can see) Imaginext figures are very stylized and as such they have big, exaggerated feet which allow them to stand pretty firmly without fear of toppling over. Add in the joints and swivels and you can get some pretty dynamic poses out of them.

The paint apps are pretty basic for this kind of figure, with standard appliques for the face and details on figure with paint reserved for his ascot and cuffs and hair. What’s particularly neat about this Dracula is his labels feature a Spanish / Mexican “Día de Muertos” design which is cool and fitting and perhaps a nod to Conde Drácula, the Spanish-language version that was shot at night simultaneously with the 1931 Universal version.


Dracula’s cape is molded in a dark-red plastic and fits pretty snugly when you get it on him…


…likewise is his bat / imp / gargoyle that sits on his arm like some deranged parrot, ready to pounce on some unfortunate victim!


All in all this is one outstanding lil’ figure that packs a wallop and for $2.99, you definitely get your money’s worth and more. He’s stands head and shoulders above the current Funko / ReAction Dracula figure they just released in the Universal Monsters sub-set. Since he’s only available in the Mystery Bag, his figure code is “39” which you’ll find stamped in the upper left-hand corner on the back of the foil bag. For all you classic monster fans out there, he’s a MUST HAVE and he will look great sitting in your collection.

And he never drinks…

…wine, that is.


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