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deadpoolbrainNothing new going on for a while. There has been some Marvel casting news for the upcoming Thor movie. Two unknowns will play Thor and Loki. Whoop dee doo!

Not much to talk about really. The US Economy still sucks. I have been busy at my job, which I guess is good. School is wrapping up for my kids, meaning all the “graduations” and “special plays” are happening.

I need to do some new art. I just realized that it has been something like 7 years since I have done a painting or sculpture just for art’s sake. That’s lame on my part.

We need some folks to join in here and make this place an interesting place to read again. If you have ever wanted a blog but didn’t know where to start, let us know! We have it all set up already! Instant readership!

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  1. Listen dude – my postings are such pure gold it takes a special event to motivate me. Not everyday can bring forth a Codex Gigas!!!



    I’ll get to work on something tomorrow.


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