Spoiler free thoughts on the Venom Movie

Venom Spoiler-Free Review

October 5, 2018 Dug (Wugmanmax) 0

Oh man. This movie is weird.
It’s not a good movie… but I found myself liking it.

Venom is a Sony Pictures movie based on the classic Spider-Man villain.  One of the problems here is that Spider-Man is neither part of the origin nor is in this film.

Mulligan Movie 2000 VandeSteeg

Episode 38: Can we take a Mulligan?

February 1, 2018 10MFH 0

Episode 38: Can we take a Mulligan?
10 Minutes From Hell

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Listen in as Steve and Dug remember friend and filmmaker Tim Vandesteeg, who passed away earlier this year.

Plus some Marvel Studios and Star Wars banter and shocking Care Bears toy realizations.