Thanos in the Avengers Movie?

Latino Review has reported that Thanos is going to be a villain in the upcoming Avengers movie from Marvel Studios.

We previously have seen the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor, so It’s not a huge leap to think Thanos may be showing up… Who knows?

I trust he will be handled well if the rumor pans out to be true. Marvel Studios made THOR an awesome movie. I pretty much think they can do no wrong at this point.

What do you think? Comment below!

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  1. Man, I hope the Thanos rumor is true, because It would suck if the old rumor of Loki mind controlling Hulk (like in Hulk vs Thor) to go ape shit on Avengers to make him a “villain” is true. I mean with Thor Marvel introduced other universes and worlds, magic and cosmic powers, so it’s only natural to come up with an intergalactic badass villain! Fingers crossed!

  2. i see your point, if they followed the story line from the first avengers comic book, loki controlling hulk so thor would go after him and eventually come back to asgard where loki can fight him again, it will be a bit short. loki is powerful enough, by the standards set in the movie anyway, to take down the avengers alone but they really do need another big time villain to top the movie off. but not too big so that the movie is like “i’m the best, i’m the biggest villain, i deserve to be the leader etc…” with all the characters. i’m still trying to find the infinity gauntlet in the movie!!! i’m sure in one of the comics, loki goes a bit too far and ends up losing control and has to team up with the avengers?

  3. Hey, Anonymous-sci-fi-fan! We actually found the Infinity Gauntlet in the movie! Czech out the link:

    I think the “Loki controls Hulk” plot is just going to be the first act of the movie. Second act will be a little more set-up for the team, and then the cosmic threat appears that the team has to take down. It was rumored before to be the Skrulls, but maybe it’s Thanos. I’m excited either way!

  4. i’ve seen it…and it is Thanos…
    it’s a mid-credits scene not an after-credits
    i think Marvel has an after-credit scene surprise when the movie’s released worldwide in May…said they were shooting scenes after their party at the world premiere…

  5. I have also seen the movie. It is true, Thanos does appear 1/10 of the way through the credits. Of course, these was to be expected either in the Avengers or Thor or Iron Man 3. We see the Gauntlet in the Thor movie. As for the movie The Avengers, probably the best Marvel movie I have seen so far. It was incredible. Enjoy it everyone.

    • Gotta think though it wont be thanos true story, thanos killed EVERYONE temporaily anyways, i dont think that the movie is gunna be avengers/xmen/fatastic 4/dardevil so on so forth so ittl be a heavily altered story line.

  6. Thanos has been around being powerful before he gained control of the infinity gauntlet, He first appeared in 73′ so theres no need to jump right to it

  7. I just watched he movie… The mysterious figure is really Thanos because he is seeking to swipe out the whole human race… Thats what he want to do to get the “she” Death whom he fallen in love…

  8. I’m still having a little trouble stomaching the fact that the Asgardians have a COMPLETED Infinity Gauntlet in their safekeeping. I mean, that IS Thanos’ left gauntlet, right? So how did they…oh well… But then again, it’s the Cinematic Universe and not the canon so I guess I can bypass the whole “Elders of the Universe” thing. If I read Kevin Feige right, the possibility exists that Thanos could be the main villain in Thor 2. It would make sense as The Other promised the direst retribution if Loki failed in his conquest and the Cube were denied to Thanos.

    What I’d love for them to do in Thor 2 is further explore Asgard and have Thor stumble upon the “lost and forgotten” portal between Asgard and Olympus and meet Hercules and Zeus. That would pave the way for a Hercules movie and have him join the Avengers later on just in time to meet Thanos wielding the Cosmic Cube or Infinity Gauntlet. I’m thinking Gerard Butler as Herc and James Cosmo as Zeus (I’d my favourite Earth Godhead white-haired, though).

  9. Thats not right. I saw the tumb on the left with a back veiw and the mind gem (the blue one)was missing(which i wont get into) and the mind gem is in the middle nuckle so it was the right gauntlet which is not shown in the avengers or that picture.

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