They were warned…They are doomed…and on Friday the 13th, NOTHING WILL SAVE THEM!

Celebrating Jason’s return to cineplex’s across the nation, we here at 10mfh are having our very own ‘Friday the 13th week.’ As this series is by far the nearest and dearest to my heart you can understand that am beyond excited for the franchise reboot coming our way.

Why thinking about it now, I can vaguely remember watching f13 parts 4 and 5 when they were released, and my mild terror/obsession with Jason back then. To me he WAS horror and while my tastes may have matured some over the years, I still find myself getting mega excited whenever it involves Jason.

So over the week we’ll be bring YOU our 5 viewers 😉 reviews and whatnot.

…and remember- always listen to crazy guys named Ralph for god’s sakes.

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KyleThoreau is a time-traveling axe murderer from the 1800’s. He stopped in the 2000’s because he ran out of the secret time-travel juice that the cyborg clone of Abe Lincoln gave him. He must now find the clone of Abe to return to his time-travel duties. In the meantime he has decided to report on geeky news and read comic books.

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