Upcoming Marvel Event: Iron Patriot Acts


your guess is as good as mine, appears to be the event spinning out of the current Dark Reign story line in the Marvel books.

Kinda crappy name if ya ask me.

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  1. Hey guys. If you are horror figure collectors such as myself, you’ll want to check out all of the pics from this past weekends Toy Fair event. Though I am always disapointed that my favorite lesser known slasher films get little representation, I am happy to see the Universal Monsters get some new releases. I really want the Wolf Man and Frankenstein. The 2010 Wolf Man will get some attention as well.

    • You have some nice things to say here, but you have the wrong post. Do you read English? Can you use a web translator? There is a Wolfman post here on this site but you missed it, bud.

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