What was that at the end of Black Panther?

This post contains minor spoilers for Black Panther, in case you care.

Once again, a Marvel Studios film has come smashing into the box office. This time it’s the first comics Black Superhero – Black Panther. You knew that already if you are reading this, but you are supposed to fill in this space with some sort of intro text.

It’s just what you do.

As to be expected, Marvel has thrown in two after credits codas. This time… I don’t really feel like they need to be explained in detail. If you were watching the movie you probably get them.

Since we do this for every Marvel Studios movie anyway: Here we go!

The first comes after the stylized end credits animation that we have come to expect at the end of the MCU movies.

T’Challa and his friends pay a visit to the United Nations, where T’Challa announces that Wakanda will no longer turn a blind eye to the rest of the world. From now on, they will share their technology and resources with the rest of the nations, with the intent of bringing hope and restoration to the peoples of the world.

One dumbass UN member makes a snarky comment about what can your “third-world” country offer the rest of the world?

T’Challa just gives a knowing grin.

The second end-credits sequence brings us back to Wakanda, where we see a bunch of children laughing at an unknown person. Shuri tells the children to “leave that man alone’ and the children run away giggling, murmuring about who they refer to as the “White Wolf”. In the comics, the White Wolf was an outsider who crash landed in Wakanda. His parents were killed in the crash and he was adopted by then king T’Chaka. He fell in love with the country (and why wouldn’t you) and rose to the rank of head of the Secret Police. He has a jealousy toward T’Challa, but he is still fiercely loyal to his country. It sounds like traits of him were spread between both Daniel Kaluuya’s W’Kabi and Winston Duke’s M’Baku. Anyway, hit up this wiki link for more info. 

In the film, however… we see Sebastian Stan’s armless Bucky Barnes emerge from the hut to go talk to Shuri. She tells him that he has so much to learn.

If you were wondering why Bucky is in Wakanda, you probably missed the Civil War after-credits Coda, where Bucky was first brought to T’Challa in some sort of stasis.

Apparently, he has made progress in being de-programmed from Zemos’ work from that film. Also, by calling him the “White Wolf”, it appears that Bucky may become not only a citizen of Wakanda, but a highly trusted member of T’Challa’s group. This would deviate slightly from the comics character, but I think it would work.

In the Infinity War trailer, we see Bucky clearly with the Wakandans and with a nice new arm. I’m assuming it’s made of Vibranium.

What do you think?


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