12 inch (1/6 scale) Destro Review

Destro action figure

Well, here we have a big stinking pile of crap called “Destro” or something or other. It’s supposed to be an arms dealer or something. I’ve never seen an arms dealer with a silver face, and I have dealt with many arms dealers over the years. A couple have had green or purple faces, but never a silver face. It’s just preposterous. Further review on what is probably the worst figure of the year after the cut.

This is a figure supposedly from the Army documentary entitled “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”. I personally don’t like the military OR documentaries and so I skipped the film. I think it was only playing at little art-houses anyway, which I avoid because I don’t want to get their hippie diseases.

The only reason I picked this figure up was because it was my son’s birthday and I know he likes arms dealers. We have known so many in my line of work (arms buyer) that arms dealers are really like family. But I guess I should have looked at this one before I bought it, because it obviously has a flaw. HIS FACE IS SILVER! I wonder if it was unpainted? A factory error? I just don’t get it. …and what’s even stranger is that it looks just like that Doctor Who guy, but bald. It’s kind of eerie, really. I mean, it’s looks so much like him, and is so detailed… I’m not used to such things in a figure I only paid $10 for. I don’t like it, not one bit. It makes those “expensive” and “collector” companies look bad.

Destro is a maniacal man

The figure is decked out in a suit which I found all wrong. It doesn’t look typical for a 1/6 scale figure. It fits well and isn’t all puffy. I expect my suited figures to look all frumpy and misshapen because they have too many layers.

Destro is getting hot

On the plus side, the reason for this is that they just cheaped out on material and only give you a shirt/vest front. The back is just open underneath the jacket. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on how crummy the whole outfit looks. Oh, one fun thing is that the shoes keep popping off! It’s wacky! It’s fun! That must be his “action feature”.

"Shoeless" Destro Jackson

What is also really great is that he comes only with a sweet gun. That’s the only accessory besides his clothes. I didn’t even bother taking a picture of the gun it was so awesome. I’m not sure the awesomeness could be contained in a mere photo. It’s really big and clunky and just barely fits in his hand. It’s so cool! The pictures I took I ended up using some stupid “realistic looking” gun we had laying around instead.

Destro and a BFG

This seems to be a typical Hasbro body and has many points of articulation. I’m not going to sit and count them unless you ask me to. There are lots, which sucks for someone like me that HATES posing figures. I just want to keep them stuck in packages on the wall because I know they are going to make me millions in the secondary market someday. I also have a large collection of MIP “Precious Moments” figurines in case that plan doesn’t pan out. Always have a plan B!

Cirque de Destro

In summary, this is a bad figure. It’s a terrible representation of an actual arms dealer and instead looks like Doctor Who stuck in a metal mask and a fancy suit. It’s far too detailed than a 10 dollar figure should be. Shameful, really.

Destro. He's so hot right now. Destro.

The plus side is that the shoes keep falling off and it comes with only one accessory.

Do yourself a favor (if you live in the Twin Cities) and don’t buy this figure… I still need to find one for MY collection first!

Destro Rise of Cobra

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