1st Appearance Iron Man: Marvel Legends

Enjoy this review back from the distant past of the future. I am archiving the reviews from our old board, and here is the first of my reviews!

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Tony Stark lives 3 lives.

1. Scientific genius, able to create “Transistors” that can do nearly anything and can be any size.
2. Suave ladies man with women vying for his attention all over the world.
3. Most importantly, the armored hero known as Iron Man.

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I’ll admit right here and now that I’m not the hugest Iron Man fan. In fact, this is the first IM figure I have bought, besides War Machine. But ever since I was a kid I liked the character and his design. Even if I really had no idea what he did. As I am thinking back, my first “real” comic that my brother bought for me many, many years ago was a Spider-Man/Iron Man team up book. They fought a villian called Magma or something, underground. That’s probably the only IM comic I ever had. icolol.gif But anyways, on to the review!

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Packaging: The same Marvel Legends packaging we have seen for 14 or whatever series. It’s a clamshell. It has a carboard back and a sticker on the front. You nedd scissors to get it open and It had 3 twist-ties holding the figure in.

Articulation: The Standard ML artic. That is to say, a buttload. Everything you would expect this version of Ol Shellhead to have, except side to side ankles, which is the only thing I missed.

Accessories: The back “tentacle” of Mojo. It feels cheap. I didn’t take a pic of it. icolol.gif
I don’t think I am going to try and collect all of Mojo pieces anyway. I liked him in Jr. High, but he’s kind of lame now.

Paint: Ooh. Here is where the hits come. It’s not that good. You would think that a solid grey paintjob wouldn’t be that hard. You might be dissapointed if you think that.

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The figure is cast in grey with silver paint sprayed on. But it’s not sprayed well. As you can see they fully assembled the figure and then half-assedly sprayed the thing silver. Move a joint and you can see the paint lines. The paint in general is also not even. It’s really not a huge deal, but it bugs me. The rest of the paint details are just fine.

Quality: The plastic feels cheap. The arms feel like they are going to snap everytime you move them. They have that “ratchet” clicky thing going on and it feels like they are hollow or something. I don’t like it. Also, the mask bugs me. For one, it keeps falling off. and it looks dumb underneath.

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I’m not sure why they even went with a faceplate with this version. It’s not true to this version, and seems more complicated than needed. They should have just given him a full helmet. It’s not like the helmet had to be small like a regular IM figure. What a bunch of gimboids.

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Overall: I like the figure. I figured we will never see another First appearence IM figure, unless the movie really does well and Hasbro digs deep into the well to make as many IM’s as they can. There are a few minor quibbles, but I can overlook them. It’s the old adage “The sum is greater than the parts”. I like the design, mostly because he looks like an old 50’s robot from a bad Sci-Fi movie.

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“Hey sister, where do you get your hair done? It looks fabulous!”

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