What was that at the end of the Avengers movie?

The Avengers gotta eat!

SO there seems to be some confusion from the general (non-geek) audience about what the end credits sequences meant at the end of the 2012 Avengers movie.


There are spoilers here, so turn away if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

Ye be warned!


Partway through the end credits to the Avengers we go to a brief scene of two shadowy figures somewhere in space discussing that the humans aren’t as weak as first believed. The shot ends on a grinning dark figure with a wrinkly chin. My Dad had to call me to ask what the hell it was.

This character is called Thanos, and he is another one of the “cosmic” villains in the Marvel Universe. For a complete history, you can czech out the Thanos wikipedia page. In short, he is another of the “god-like” villains in the Marvel U, possessing incredible power and intellect. A worthy adversary for the collection of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! I was actually a little surprised (yet delighted) that they introduced what at first glance could be seen as an “out there” choice of character. Thor already introduced us as an audience to the 9 realms and the “cosmic” nature of the MU, and we got a closer peek during the Avengers movie with the Chitauri as a enemy force. I assume that each of the next individual character films (Captain America 2, Thor 2, Iron Man 3, etc.) will have a small sequence further developing the threat that Thanos is mounting. Thanks to the inclusion of the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor, that storyline could be possibly be explored in the Thor sequel.

Thanos Screenshot from the Avengers movie
Dark Screenshot of Thanos from the end of the Avengers movie
A statue of Thanos for better visual reference

EDIT: Here is the actual Thanos clip from the Avengers movie! Enjoy!

The second end credits sequence in the Avengers movie finds our heroes immediately after the battle in New York. Stark had mentioned getting some Shawarma, and so there our victorious friends sit, sharing a meal together. Nothing more than that.

The Avengers gotta eat!

I guess this scene was filmed real shortly after the world premiere of the Avengers, and there was an issue with Chris Evans.

It seems he has grown a mighty beard:

So the makeup folks put fake skin on his face and the director had him sit with his head in his hands like he was resting for the whole bit.

I’m also now hungry for some shawarma. I don’t think any Minneapolis-area restaurants quite offer it exactly, but I would love to hear if they do! Ansari’s? You got some?


I found one that does! I had some great shawarma at Aida in Richfield! Well done, guys!



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  1. Exactly mate, here in greece we call it Gyros…and is really yummie. Maybe I will call the avengers to have some really good here 😛

  2. So what confuses me is they showed Thanos in the end of the Avengers leading you to think he will be in the next film is the Age of Ultron

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