Captain America Movie Toys Arrive In Stores!

Captain America Comic Series and Deluxe Series on Pegs

Hot on the heels of the Green Lantern toys hitting the toy aisle, Captain America jumps in the mix too!

I will first show you this geeky sight available your local Target store:

The Avengers in the Toy Aisle!
Avengers Assemble Into some neat rows and columns!

The Avengers is HAPPENING. They are going to TAKE OVER THE TOY AISLE. Since Iron Man has hung in so long, I wonder if this layout will stick all the way up until 2012?

Like most action figure lines, there is a bunch of crap available- some relevant to aged nerds, some not. I snapped pics of it all (well, mostly) just for fun.

Captain America Comic Series and Deluxe Series on Pegs
Not pictured: Karate-Uniform-Cat-Caretaker-Light-Up Captain America

Hitting first for the action figures are the “Comic Series”. They had Ultimate Cap, WWII Cap, Modern Cap and Winter Soldier at the Target I was at. Supposedly there is a Crossbones figure as well. They also had some “Deluxe Mission Pack” figures where Cap has a parachute, Jet pack, Football armor, and probably a karate outfit. Kids seem to love that crap. Whatever. They also had those battery powered car things that the kids beg you to buy for them, and they play with once before they get stuck under the couch. The figure usually doesn’t come off and the kid stops caring after they watch it for 5 minutes. Do these things really sell? They must, because they keep making them.

World War 2 Captain America Comic Figure
Heh heh, if you look over Cap's shoulder on the package in this picture, it says: "Shield Ass".

These things are 3 3/4 scale, and have all the expected articulation for a Hasbro figure. I looked at Cap’s arm and I counted 6 points of articulation. Yes, Captain America’s arm is more poseable than the Green Lantern’s entire body. Ryan Reynolds doesn’t want the ladies to know that. The paint looked kind of crappy, which I guess is to be expected from the first shipment of a mass-market line. Sadly.

Next of interest was a vehicle they had that I am assuming isn’t really in the movie, but I guess it could be. It also includes the first “movie” Cap available, although he looks a little goofy and isn’t as articulated or painted as well as the “standard” figures.

Captain America Large Vehicle "Strikefire Transport"
This is the ULTIMATE Assault Vehicle. Don't you forget it.


Captain America Movie Figure Chris Evans

It STILL looks better than the “standard” Green Lantern figures, and this is the “throwaway” pack-in in a $30 dollar vehicle.

Mattel, once again you suck. You offer a Green Lantern shaped piece of plastic as a pack in.

Captain America Large Kids Figure and weird role play Cap Shield
Why does Cap's shield fire little Cap shields? This concept kinda weirds me out. Are they shield seeds?

Next we get into the kids and role play stuff. There is a larger figure that lights up and makes noise. I’d say about 10 inches high and looks like Chris Evans. There is also this Superhero Squad version for the tinier tots. Of course they also have the smaller Superhero Squad figures as well, but those have been in stores already for a while now.

Captain America Movie Throwing Shield
This shield will go great with my midget and dwarf friends!

The role play stuff so far consists of a larger shield that fires little shields out of it (whatever), and a smaller Frisbee-style disc. There is also a Captain America mask.

Captain America and Thor Movie Helmets

I kinda hope we get a Red Skull mask in the Role Play stuff. Think it’s possible?


Just got a few pics of some of the stuff I had missed before. Czech ’em out!

Back of small Captain America Shield toy

10 inch Captain America Figure in package
I wish I had battle sounds...
Captain America Off Road Avenger Vehicle
Off-Road is the cool road.
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