Captain America/Ironman armor: figure review by kylethoreau

Not often will I say this: but if you happen to have the talent, just snatch up an easy to find MARK III Ironman and simply paint him up all patriotic-like. Seriously save yourself the trouble guys.

Bottom line this is a straight repaint of that earlier figure in what is obviously another in a long line of toy companies trying to continue a toyline long after the film has come and gone. To be fair this line could do well if they play it up right, and if they manage to keep tossing us neat little figures like this- it may just.

The figure sports the, my opinion, sub-standard Hasbro articulation- which is equal parts frustrating stiff and shockingly loose. The at best uneven sculpt, body and head are fine but smaller details are far from shown, just look at his hands! Normally this would get a pass from me but I know damn well that it could be better as Toybiz has shown and fuck Hasbro’s GI JOE figures are better detailed! So I think I can be allowed this gripe.

Finally, Paint? Yeah good luck there, my figure has multiple spots where it’s scratched or sloppy. Accessories include the original figures arm canon (that doesn’t seem to fit on his wrist) only this time painted blue and silver rather than red and gold. Oh and one last thing, as it IS Captain America- he’s sporting Cap’s shield, a straight re release of Toy biz’s ML WAVE 1 Cap’s shield, which for some reason has silver in place of white on it.


I know I’ve bitched seemingly nonstop throughout this, but overall it is a rather nifty figure as I think kids will dig the look and comic fans will want it (and we know they do) due to it’s connection to the Civil War ‘what if’ comic and hell it is a cool little variant.

But I would say to everyone to not stress on finding it since it really is a simple repaint and all you’d need special would be a Cap shield.

hope this helps- night all.

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