Just give me my rings and no one gets hurt.


Let me tell you something, ever since I was about 12 years old I’ve wanted a damn Green Lantern ring. See about that time DC was doing the mid-90’s overhaul of all their core characters (or to be more precise- ‘any event will work’) and they went and made Hal go batshit crazy and thereby making Kyle Rayner the new GL.

and this is where I come in.

See prior to this i couldn’t have given two shits about the GL title- he honestly looked like a generic comic character (remember I was 12 and had only been in comics for only a little while) so when I got into this I got into this HARD. Maybe it was the whole ‘anyone could be a GL’ element to it that appealed to me, either way I always dreamed of having my own ring. Sadly this was back when crap like that wasn’t so prevelant as it is today, you’d get the odd knick knack, but nothing a 12 year old could get his dirty mitts on let me tell you.

Present day: I’ve since fulfilled my goal of acquiring rings long ago but then those bastards at DC came up with Sinestro Corps and the NEW Lanterns. Suffice it to say I wanted rings from those- my nerdiness will not be denied you know.

Welp, DC Direct comes through….at 200 bucks goddammit. Is it really too hard to release cheaper versions? I’ve heard more than once that people loved the included rings on the earlier GL figure releases- so why not now? When the Blackest Night figure line would be ever so appropriate.

Yes I’m being surly about this, this is my fanboy pit. Deal 😛

night all

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