DC Comics to reboot their entire damn universe… again.

Just caught the news that DC comics plans on renumbering all of it’s titles this summer along with rebooting all the titles. Evidently they feel it’s time to make these guys relevant again or some such nonsense. The first title is Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee- which means it’ll take about 17 years for 6 issues to be released. Now I have no idea if these are replacing the old titles or are instead DC’s second attempt at a ‘Ultimate’ style situation- either way it just drives home why I gave up on comics in the first place- well super-hero titles mainly.

not accoring do geoff johns you're not

I mean right now how many storylines are running in the DCU? Hell I know Green Lantern has that whole ‘War of the Green Lanterns’ fiasco and lord knows there must be something else out there. My point is well why even bother fininshing it if next month everything is back to square one? Now I understand you occasionally have to flush the damn toilet but how many times has DC revamped their universe? In the 21th century alone? It’s simply getting ridiculous and goes to show you how bad the creative teams have been if they feel a need to constantly revamp them. Incidentally it’s been pretty much the same crowd over there since about say ’03 so I imagine there will be yet another upheaval shortly after this one.

Either way- DC comics is calling yet another do over in their line of super-hero comics and I officially have no interest.


Call me when there’s a revamp in the fucking staff alright?

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  1. By the way, Kyle… I’m going to reboot the website. We are now going to exclusively cover Rap music news. That’s what’s trending and hot right now.

    OK, maybe not. 😀

    I guess rebooting needs to happen from time to time to get things back to the “core” of the characters. Writers get too damn fancy for their own good.

  2. if it wasn’t for the fact this was what? the sixth time now? Almost everytime you just know Johns is nearby- it’s getting boring.

    If they want me to be excited get other people to do this- Johns seriously needs to step the hell away now.

    and I used to like his work.

  3. I dunno, this may get new readers that don’t want decades of baggage to catch up with.
    I think Marvel did it better with the Ultimate lines, however. They got new readers without alienating the core fans.

    What’s wrong with different timelines? The only ones that will get confused are the ones that will get confused no matter what you do, so screw ’em.

  4. No Kyle has a point – DC needs to let it’s Universe breathe; There wasn’t any upheavals from, say 1970-1986 until Crisis.

    And Crisis only had one goal – depower Superman and make him special again.

    Unfortunately that gave every writer entitlement to do things “my way” rather than be creative and actually undo something in-continuity with a clever way.

    So I agree with him. I don’t think it invalidates what you’re saying, though, Wug.

  5. Johns still has some juice left in him.

    Promote Mark Waid up to some high profile titles.

    And please for the love of GOD get rid of Grant Morrison. He sucks. He thinks he’s Alan Moore and really his stories are terrible.

    I considered dropping Batman during his run. There was nothing fun and I didn’t care about anything from the 60’s that he tried to make relevant.

  6. Johns was fine but now he’s fallen into the same problem Bendis has- hero worship. I get it you can write the character YOU love but all it leads to is boring stories where the writer has to remind us how awesome said character is.

    Seriously Blackest Night felt like fan-fiction after awhile. I get it you love the Flash but come on.

    Of course hearing that not all the characters will be getting a heavy reboot sorta confirms that Johns favorites will be alright.

    I pity all who came out in the 90’s I do.

    Also I love me some Morrison- so them’s fightin’ words!

  7. I love that by bringing these characters “up to date” they are doing costume revisions by a guy who has design styles stuck in the 90’s.

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