DC Universe Classics Wave 7: Aquaman (Ocean Warrior)

‘Ocean Warrior’ huh? So what the hell is in the orange shirt? Oh right, background filler. I so wish I was kidding here.
and one would think the shirtless long-haired ‘captain Hook’ look would fit the Ocean Warrior title. Oh well…
The ‘water camo’ look Arthur is clad in here in a costume that is at best obscure, appearing only in one miniseries in the late 80’s. I’d tell you more, but well I don’t know jack. I imagine it’s more or less a simple cosmetic thing to drum up sales.

Ocean Warrior here is what we call ‘Mattel saving some money’ since unlike the previous Aquaman, with the sculpted scale shirt and leg fins, instead we have the standard muscular male body without any newly sculpted parts topped off with the wave 2 Aquaman head. I would expect this figure will be popular if only due to the easy custom options. So in a case like this one a killer paintjob makes all the difference.

Does he measure up? Well almost.

The main body is cast in either sky blue or standard blue plastics, occasionally this leads to problems as paint sometimes comes a little thin in spot which gives some sections a blurry look. Honestly I dig it when it comes to the blue on blue sections, now the white? Not so much. Wave 2’s head was, in my opinion, one of the finest head sculpts yet in this line With the determined stare and hair that looks like it’s floating in the waves deep below. Too bad someone thought it would be a smart idea to dump a whole bottle of brown hair dye on his head, making this bright blondie look like he’s got frosted tips instead. Huh now that I think about it he’s got my hair color now.

Another hold over from wave 2 is the King of Atlantis’ trident. Same as it was before, highly detailed and nice clean paint. I’m figuring this was probably snatched from a bin of leftovers from wave 2.

So what we have here is a decent enough little repaint of a costume only really hard-core fans….and Thumb were looking forward to. Oh and for the BAF piece too, almost forgot. Since this look is a personal favorite of mine (yes, despite knowing little about it) the variant was a welcome addition.

Now make that damn long-haired version dammit!

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