DC Universe Classics Wave 7: Captain Cold review

In case anyone wonders, yes I am in fact getting through the reviews I don’t want to do first.

Really, what is it about those figures you could’ve cared less about getting always seem to end up being your among your favorites of the set? I’ll level with you, I really didn’t give a good goddamn about Captain Cold here. To be perfectly honest I couldn’t even tell you anything about him really, and thanks to Geoff John’s Flash run I’ve read plenty, and I heard plenty about how ‘hardcore’ he is or some other such bullshit. I don’t care, the bastard still looks too much like Chilly Willy for me to take him seriously.

So of course he turns out to be one of the best figures of this wave right?

Just to be clear I actually have no clue whether or not he’s using a brand new body sculpt or one REALLY tweaked one. From all appearances it looks like he has the slender/muscular male body (well I hope male ;P) and if this is, then there been a shit-load of work on it. Unlike the standard bodies, which are all made to mimic spandex and therefore are skintight, this bad boy is sculpted to appear thick and insulated, as a snow suit would look (which begs the question as to why this dipshit always threw down in the bright sunny mid-west), and not in anyway skintight. Actually, looking at him now, I’d venture he probably is a brand new sculpt. His main body is molded in a sky blue plastic with a darker blue wash, and it’s light so don’t worry.

His boots and gloves are sculpted with a a furry ruffle at the top of each, and both have grey with a white wash. The main body of the gloves and boots are what looks like a pearlescent grey- the gloves have sculpted seams, the boots a wider base on the boot with treads, like snow shoes I guess. Either way, both appear to be unique to this figure.

Chilly Willy here has a hell of a facesculpt, too bad he normally looks like the moleman in a blue parka…..but I didn’t design him. Due to the hood and shoulder poncho…thing he’s wearing his range of neck movement is severely limited as he can only effectively look left to right.

Finally we come to his belt and accessories- The belt is yellow with an orange (or red) overwash similar to what we’ve seen on Kid Flash.Unfortunately the underlying blue plastic can be seen. His Holster is one of those ‘soft as all fuck plastic’ jobs with a similar paint scheme as the belt. I warn you, it’s a bitch to close the working (in theory) holster. After all that is his blaster-soft plastic cast in silver, do like the blue apps on some of the buttons. His blaster had a slight problem with mine as it appears to be too small to fit in his hand properly. I imagine it’s not that way for every figure though.

Despite looking as though he’d be more at home wrestling a walrus I have to admit he turned out fairly well.

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