Dear Fanboys: Shut the fuck up!

Gonna make this quick as I want to crash for the night, but I feel this needs saying before the energy winds down.

Being that this is the internet you know damn well the place is populated by the legions of fans of countless properties- be it TV, film, comics etc. Now in the myriad of chat rooms and message forums we all see untold amount of opinions. All of which are perfectly fine, we are the fans and we’re all entitled to our opinions. Including the opinion that I’m about to put forth at present.

See like I said, I respect that all of you people have your own thoughts on whatever, but goddamn am I sick and tired of the blind retard level hate I see tossed about online. So here’s what I have to say about it:





I fucking get it, you don’t like how so and so writer is handling whatever unimportant character (and they are, in the grand scheme of thing unimportant) and how they are ‘ruining’ it or whatever. Please shut the fuck up. No one cares, and to be fucking honest no one made you read (for sake of argument I’ll just say refer to comics fans from here out but this applies to whole spectrum of fanboys k?) this shit. I’m beyond sick of having to sift through forums trying to find meaningful conversation buried in Miller/Loeb/Liefield/etc. HATE.

Face it, you DON’T have to buy this stuff, and for the life of me I can’t fathom why anyone does. Now I’m not saying I can’t relate- lord knows I’m just as guilty, but here’s the thing, I stopped! You know how many books I buy right now? All together…….Three (maybe)

They are: Atomic Robo (which are a series mini series), Blue Monday- which comes out sporadically at best and Boneyard (now on indefinite hiatus)

oh and I’m on the fence about continuing the Blackest Night crossover so I didn’t list it.

The point is I grew sick of the books, but instead of spending my every spare second online bitching about them to either people who don’t give a fuck what I think, or the angry masses who’ll just parrot my complaints I chose option 3: I simply stopped buying it. I don’t bother, since logic dictates if one does not like something then they would not want to spend their hard earned money on it.

So please shut the fuck up with all your petty over-entitled whining. No one fucking cares and in the end you’re simply giving your respective fandoms a bad name by perpetuating the stupid ass stereotypes you like to think you do not embody.

Fucking cry babies.

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