Did Spider-Man: Far From Home hint at the Fantastic Four?

Spidey & MJ Far From Home

So I’ve seen the latest Spidey flick twice now, and both times I couldn’t keep my eyes off this bit of signage in the background towards the end of the movie.

It’s hard to read in that crappy quality clip, but the words read: “We are so excited to show you what comes next!” 

Now, that just seems like something generic you would see at a construction site, right? Well, the graphics accompanying it have circles with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and then a ? in them. The specific lack of a 4 is what caught my eye. It’s not so much what was there, but the purposeful lack of it that piqued my interest. We know that Disney has the rights of the Fantastic Four in some capacity, even if there still might be some legal hurdles to jump with Constantin Film in getting it to the big screen. I’m sure they will come to some sort of agreement if they haven’t already. They both like money.


I know that it might be a stretch (pun intended) or wishful thinking, but you KNOW they don’t put things like this in these types of movies randomly. They know nerds scour and freeze frame this stuff looking for easter eggs. It’s not even hard to see! I caught it on my first viewing.

What say you? Am I grasping at straws, or do you think this is a hint at the FF?

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