Episode 53: “We’re Back!”

August 5, 2019 10MFH 0

Episode 53: “We’re Back!”
10 Minutes From Hell

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Seriously? “We’re back?” That’s all you could come up with? Whatever. I’m just typing out this description for the stupid notes.

Listen in to hear what Steve and Dug thought of Spider-Man: Far From Home and Stranger Things Season 3! FULL SPOILERS for all Marvel Movies like usual.

Listen on, our wonderful weirdos!

Spoiler free thoughts on the Venom Movie

Venom Spoiler-Free Review

October 5, 2018 Dug (Wugmanmax) 0

Oh man. This movie is weird.
It’s not a good movie… but I found myself liking it.

Venom is a Sony Pictures movie based on the classic Spider-Man villain.  One of the problems here is that Spider-Man is neither part of the origin nor is in this film.