Watch it before it’s gone! Spider-man trailer leaked!

no guarantees it’ll be here when you look but if you’re lucky this is the trailer for the new spidey movie!

EDIT: added the high-res version!

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  1. *yawn*

    Another origin story.

    The only thing remotely interesting to me is the fact my fav Spidey-Villain, the Lizard, is in this one.

    Not really impressed they went with a re-imagining rather than build off of the great Raimi flicks. Setting up Dylan Baker as Curt Connors and then not following through is dropping the ball BIG! TIME!

  2. This thing just looks so weepy and serious again. I have NO problems with Spider-man being taken “seriously”, but it should also be fun. “Peter Parker time” should be all teenage angst and sad-sack moping, but when he puts the costume on, it’s Pete’s time to have fun, kick ass and make wisecracks. All we really see here is the mopey stuff, AGAIN.

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