Spy Report from the London Set of “The Dark Knight Rises”!

We just got a report handed to us from a fine and upstanding citizen of London that got to be an extra on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Here are his words, and there are potential spoilers, so be ye warned!

Our first shot involved the lot of us (about 80 in all) performing a raid on Bane’s base which is located in the sewers of Gotham. The raid turns out to be a trap and a bomb is set off trapping all (or a large portion) of the G.C.P.D. underground for a long period of time, it wasnt made clear how long one AD said three months which sounds nuts another said a few weeks but this led to our second set up…

After lunch we were all dirtied up and set up around Bane’s hideout, the police have basically set up a shanty town using the supplies that Bane and his crew left. First they shot a few general shots to set up all of us dirty and sitting around depressed then we shot a scene with one of the actors telling us that they got word from JGL’s character Blake that it was time to move and that we were getting out.

So basically Bane has henchmen and they trap the cops in the sewer throwing the whole city into chaos. I would assume Bat’s saves the day and thus RISES but that last bits a guess.

Also talked to an extra that did some work earlier in the shoot and shot an a scene involving Blake meeting Anna Hathaway after she kicks the crap out of some guys in a bar.

Also while inside the hanger I saw the exterior of Arkham which may have just been in storage but I’d assume is to be used again. Overall again an amazing day. 


Sounds pretty cool! I think Bane is a great villain and I can’t wait to see him get a decent on-screen treatment. It sounds like he just as every bit of the plotter and planner that I enjoyed about him in his early comics appearances, and not just a thuggish brute.

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