Epic gift

Apologies all around. I’ve been, to say the least, a lazy fucker about posting. Chalk it up to a variety of things, least of which being a twitchy net connection and a bad case of the flu. Either way I return this evening NOT to spread the completely unimportan opinions of my own tight bottomed self (I ride a bike 🙂 ) but to well….brag.

My brother’s friend Amanda hooked me up with the following this evening, totally unexpected by the way, and let me tell you-only a few sips in and whoosh buzz 🙂

shall return soon

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KyleThoreau is a time-traveling axe murderer from the 1800’s. He stopped in the 2000’s because he ran out of the secret time-travel juice that the cyborg clone of Abe Lincoln gave him. He must now find the clone of Abe to return to his time-travel duties. In the meantime he has decided to report on geeky news and read comic books.

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