Let me get this off my chest- I hate Grant Morrison, not that I
wish him harm or that I think he’s an untalented hack, it’s just that

I fucking HATE HIM.


Simple. The bastard can talk me into any book he writes.

I’ve been reading comics since around 92-93 and in that time my
tastes have naturally grown from the standard superhero books to a
more mature/fucked up/ weird books. Now around ’95 I dropped out of
comics for the most part (I kept up with what was going on with Wizard
magazine and bought the odd issue but that’s it) and that was all
fine. Around 2000 I returned full force by buying back issues of
Morrison’s “The Invisibles,” based mainly on my earlier curiosity
(right before I quit in ’95 i saw ads and read wizard articles) but
mainly it was due to an article by U.K. magazine ‘UNCUT,’ think
british Rolling Stone, about how The Matrix was a rip-off of this

My curiosity piqued, I promptly ordered the first two trades from
Barnes and Nobles and then beheld AWESOME. Nothing aside from some
Alan Moore I’d read could compare to it, the most insane ideas were
common-place and you could just feel the enthusiasm bursting from the
writer in these pages.

After the trades I poked around for other work by him and soon
discovered JLA, Morrison’s run on the biggest name superheroes
(Superman, Batman, etc,) and throwing them into truly bat-shit high
stakes stories, the likes of which had not been seen in a long time.

After that it was WE3, The Filth, Sea Guy, Seven Soldiers, Animal Man
and so on.

Now back to my bitching…. Lately I’ve been picky about what I buy
and to be fair Morrison’s recent stuff didn’t interest me. Take for
example All-Star Superman; the book was to be a total love letter to
Superman’s ‘Silver Age’ era (that being the 50-60’s) and I’ll say it
now: I’m not a fan of that goofy shit aside from a slight skim and a
laugh. Well long story short it’s one of my favorite books.

But my realisation that he could sell me any book didn’t hit until
just recently with his Batman run, yes YET ANOTHER one I didn’t care
about, even while reading the initial arc I wasn’t over wowed
(although the museum fight with the Man-Bat’s is a thing of beauty) it
wasn’t until I heard him go on about his chronology of Bats and how it
all fit that I got excited (no idea where I read it, I think it’s
Newsarama) but nothing beats Final Crisis.

Thanks to many factors I had dick interest in DC’s upcoming Final
Crisis story, even Morrison writing it didn’t sway me. However I was
reminded what the fucker can do and ONCE again his enthusiasm parlayed
in interviews has now gotten me pumped for it now as well.

Guh, I swear the dude could shit in a box while I watched then make me
whiff it and STILL he’d be able to somehow talk abot it in a way that
I’d be 100% behind buying scottish shit in a box from him.

Be wary of the scottish bastard let me tell ya…..

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