green goes white and when you’re dead your clothes have to be ripped to shit

Preivews magazine is out and lo and behold the formerly blacked out ‘mystery’ Black Lantern (that was revealed by NAME in the product description mind you) has now been fully revealed…..and yeah wow what the hell? Guess when Superman dies he turns into Mickey Rourke… While still on the matter of a Superman alot of us thought we were finally free from, why exactly is he sporting a shredded suit? Pasty prick’s just wearing a power ring! I mean I dig shredding outfits and everything but this one just reeks of ‘trying too hard.’

On other matters wave 2 was revealed to include Black Lantern Martian Manhunter (my girlfriend will be happy for this) John Stewart (because there aren’t enough figures of him yet) an Indigo Lantern, and the baby taking Yellow Lantern.

and so far I haven’t heard ONE DAMN THING about including rings with any of these figures! Seriously DC get on it! I want one of every corps.

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