To those who aren’t in the “know” – there’s a swanky new comic shop in Syracuse, New York…


Located in the Shoppingtown Mall here in Syracuse, New York (GO YANKEES) Cloud City is one of (if not THE) best comic shops I’ve had the privilege of visiting!

“We don’t have customers – we have friends here,” boasts owner Jeff Watkins, owner of this awesome establishment and a former Whale Warrior (he had just returned from the Antarctic where he was helping to fight off whalers before opening Cloud City just three short years ago)!
“It’s one of our pillars!”

Boasting an impressive collection of statues, Cloud City delivers in SPADES it’s mainstays – Toys and Comics!

“I grew up as that kid on Christmas morning with Star Wars action figures!” he gushes. As if the namesake of the store wasn’t a giveaway of Lucasfilm fandom on display.

The store itself boasts a friendly and inviting “hangout” area where you can hunker down, read your latest funnybook or talk capes and films with fellow nerds and enthusiasts!

Cloud City Comics and Toys is highly recommended! Great selections of toys, collectibles and comics, great customer service and interaction couple with a friendly, inviting environment makes it tops as the place to pick up your monthly 4-Color fix!

Stop by or give them a call at 315-449-0016!

And oh yes…

…she WILL be mine!

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