Hope Everyone Enjoys!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jim, for those of you who don’t know me, I am Kyle’s cousin. I was a part of the original 10 Minutes From Hell message board, and coming back to contribute to the site!

I will be the first to admit, I haven’t the slightest idea about comics or action figures so you won’t be hearing much from me in the likes of those things. I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and an avid history junkie. I will be mostly writing about current events with my own spin to them, along with movies (huge movie junkie, usually see a new movie once a week), as well as music, I am a huge music guy and I currently help rep a musician out of the Boston area named Eric Stepanian, shameless plugs at its finest.

There will be times I am sure I may anger some of you, or make someone scratch their head and wonder WTF!?!? My intent is not to harm anyone or anything of that sort. Most of the stuff I say that is offensive is tongue and cheek. Please leave comments and debate, I always love a good debate. So, with that being said, nothing I say is to offend, hopefully what I will say will make you think outside the box and get a different perspective on things. Please don’t email Wug or anyone else about how much of an ass I am…they know already!

I will do my best to keep the views and opinions as my own. I hope you all enjoy my posts… maybe you’ll laugh, cry, or want to throw your computer out the window, but we will all have a great time!


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