J. Edgar…a MUST See


Holy Hot Damn… those are the first three words that came to mind after seeing this film this evening. As I mentioned prior, I minored in History and have researched Hoover in many instances and I must say, Clint Eastwood did a magnificent job with this film.

I know many people are going to moan and groan about Leonardo DiCaprio playing the former FBI Director, and the only thing I have to say to that, is watch your tongue. This is an Oscar worthy performance which he surely deserves and probably will get. Hollywood gets a stiffy over Bio Pics and this is one of the best I have ever seen.

Eastwood tells the story through both avenues of the story of the troubled director.


We get the story from the viewpoint of Hoover and then the audience is shocked to learn that Hoover’s story he has been telling throughout the whole film is not all reality. Those of you who know your history will pick up on this right away. The scenes of major historical importance are done wonderfully.


The only complaint I have is the actor who plays President Nixon at the end of the film. Could have been cast a bit better, but that’s okay. I know many others have criticized this movie for its makeup and lighting and the such, and I must admit, there was some bad makeup, but not in the case of Hoover or Helen Gandy (Naomi Watts). The story is not confusing unless you’re a complete idiot and not following what’s going on. That was another argument against this film that I had read, simply untrue.

Regardless if you are on the fence with this film, drop the money and see it, you won’t be disappointed, and don’t be cheap! Many theaters have discount nights or whatever if you want to take advantage of that, but I even would have spent the ten bucks on this film and I’m super cheap!



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