Hopefully the last of ’09. RIP Brittany Murphy

News just coming in this morning that Brittany Murphy has died of an apparent heart attack.

She kicked off her career with the movie Clueless and later starred on the long running cartoon series ‘King of the Hill’ as Luanne Platter. Sadly it’s believed that drugs, one of the most common killers amongst the young and the famous, is to blame for this. Pity really, as like many others, Murphy certainly possessed talent- which was showcased in roles that stretched from ditzy redneck, mental case, and even light hearted teen characters.

If drugs are to blame, as they most likely are, with luck whatever demons that possibly caused her to turn to this form of escape will finally have left her on the other side. I apologize for the lack of deftness in this piece, but in the end all I want to say is this: Brittany Murphy, with luck you’re finally at peace.

Take care all.

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