Yes, the Infinity Gauntlet is in the Thor movie! UPDATE! PICS!

A while back we had posted pics from Comic Con showing the Infinity Gauntlet prop that was supposedly in Thor. I must have missed it, because it wasn’t featured in the story. Did anybody see it? The only thing I can think of is it may have been in the background of the trophy room/ museum.

Chime in if you saw it!



The Infinity Gauntlet was indeed in the Thor movie! When the Destroyer steps out to fry the Frost Giants, you see the Gauntlet down a corridor for about a second (if that). Check out these pics for proof!

UPDATE: Here is a higher-res pic for your enjoyment! Low res pics still under that.

Thor Movie Infinity Gauntlet High Res
It’s high res! Sorta.

Low res pics:

Infinity Gauntlet in the Live-action Thor movie

Infinity Gauntlet in the Live-action Thor movie

The Infinity Gems (Assembled in the Gauntlet) are some of the most powerful artifacts in the Universe. Each one allows its owner complete omnipotence over one aspect of the universe: time, space, reality, mind, power, and soul. When all six are directly wielded together, nothing is impossible for their bearer.

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Still with me? Good. I knew you were cool and down with it.

Thor Ragnarok addressed this “Infinity Gauntlet”, which is an amazing bit of attention to detail on both Marvel’s and Taika Waititi‘s part.

Bravo, good Sirs and Madams.

As Hela is making herself comfortable in Asgard, she criticizes the trophy hall as being full of “fakes”.

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  1. I did not see the Infinity Gauntlet in the movie.
    Even if it was, it could have possibly been in the room with all the other relics.
    If so, there should have been a tremendous effort to show it.
    I shall go watch Thor again!

  2. You know, I watched the treasure room part very carefully because that’s where I imagined it would pop up and did not see it at all (I googled “Infinity Gauntlet in Thor” to see if anyone had found it and came across this post lol). I did, however, notice that there was a relic in there that was likely the Eye of Agamotto, a la Doctor Strange fame. Hopefully this is a hint towards DS getting his own film sometime soon.

    I think when they showed off the Gauntlet, it was like Cap’s shield. Not necessarily part of the Thor movie, but part of the same universe. I suspect it will be used in the Avengers movie…most likely at the end to set up for a sequel or maybe set up for Silver Surfer.

    One can hope…

  3. That would be sweet. I could go for a “cosmic” Silver Surfer movie. Especially with the glimpses we saw in Thor. I wonder if Silver Surfer has reverted back to Marvel yet? Or is he Stuck at FOX still?

    • I’m not sure, but I really hope so. I’d really love to see a Silver Surfer film and have it be as far away from the Fantastic Four films as possible. Sadly, the treatment they gave him can never be undone and there are so many people in the world who don’t read comics and only saw the movie that now have this horrible perspective of him (and don’t get me started on how terribly disappointed I was with the movie version of Doctor Doom), so I wonder how well a Surfer movie would go box office-wise.

      I understand they’re in a similar dilemma with the proposed Deadpool film. At first it seemed like a great idea, but they gave him such a bad treatment in the Wolverine movie that it doesn’t have a lot of fan pull towards becoming its own feature.

      Ah well. I can just sit and hope that the days of blah comic-to-movie films are over now that the comic companies themselves are getting more involved in the productions and not just leaving artistic freedom to people who have probably only ever seen the covers and never the contents.

      Also, back on the Infinity Gauntlet, a friend of mine claims it can be glimpsed in the trophy room, but I’d have to see the movie again to verify this. I remember keeping my eyes peeled at that point, but I still may have missed it.

    • I am actually a little surprised that Marvel is going all-out cosmic by including Thanos. I mean, I think it’s awesome, it just surprises me a little.
      I think they set him up at the end of this as a teaser to Avengers 2. The team will need another “huge threat” to take on again. Hopefully they will flesh out the story for A2 via after credits sequences with the next solo films, like they did with this one.

  4. so like omg”s here guys/girls. i just saw any marvel fans el dorado, ummm right about after the credits when thanos showed his sexy red face. so ill let you the fans put twn and two together Infinity Gems+Thanos=

  5. Acutally I think that the appearance of the Gaunlet in “Thor” and the revealing of Thanos in “The Avengers” might be the set up for Thor 2, which may then, in turn, set up the Avengers sequel

  6. If the people in Asgard have control of the Infinity Gauntlet, why is there evil in the Universe, why did Loki get away with murder, why do they need the BiFrost, and why do ugly people exist?

  7. It’s obvious now the plot of The Avengers 2. Thanos gets the Infinity Gauntlet from Asgard, and maybe he destroys the place. Thor returns to Earth to seek or warn the Avengers. Thanos goes to Earth to court Death. The script is all ready being written…

  8. So, one of the most powerful weapons in the universe is just sitting around in a hallway in Asgard? That’s nice.

  9. When I saw the sneek at the end my jaw dropped. Was it Thanos or Superskrull? (both have the same skraggely jaw line) Turns out to be Thanos (according to everything I’ve read) Death never had a more omnipotent allie than Thanos with the Infinity Gaunlet.
    I still remember (and own) that series. The fact they show the Gaunlet in Thor is amazing! Hope the Marvel Universe can handle the
    juggernaut of evil they’re about to face!!!

    • Did anyone notice that the item in the shot with the infinity gauntlet was a hammer much like Thor’s but shaped different. I think it was Beta Ray Bill’s.

    • Yeah, it is Thanos. The line about Death I think makes that clear.
      Also, I believe that Marvel Studios can’t use Skrulls right now because they belong to the Fantastic 4 rights which Fox has the film rights to right now. 😐

  10. I found where the Gauntlet is shown in the Thor movie… it’s shown very quickly 11:06 into the movie right when the frost giants are trying to steal from the vault and get killed

  11. Okay, so it bugs me a little. I understand tying everything together, but in the comics each one of the gems was taken from the gauntlet and protected by a member of the illuminati, which includes Iron Man, Reed Richard, Prof X, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, and Namor.

  12. The thing is…. Now that we know thanos is going to play apart in these movies. he just has one place to get the infinity gauntlet. opposed to scowering the whole universe. i prefer him going all over the place to get the rings one by one. showcasing each individuals ring’s power.

    • Maybe it’s just the Gauntlet, and not the jewels? The jewels in there currently are just for decoration? Or maybe Marvel thought that would be too much/too confusing and the focus will be on just getting the Gauntlet. Maybe Thanos doesn’t even know that the Gauntlet is in Asgard, and it’s not until Thor or maybe even Odin try to use it against him that it comes into play. That could be interesting…

    • Theyre all in the Chamber of all the relics… My guess is that Thanos steals it in Thor 2 and maybe they all go through their own battles with Thanos and in Avengers 2 they defeat him. Movies like using their own “varied” storylines. But, thats just my guess.

  13. I don’t see the blue Mind Gem in the gauntlet (Movie) and the sceptre that Thanos gave to Loki was supposed to be powered by the mind Gem… I think Thanos used the Gem on Loki…

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